The Avenger of Evil


3 thoughts on “The Avenger of Evil

  1. Amen! This a great message to get out to a world that is so full of hate and anger and always wanting to get even and punish people people for every little thing. I have seen comments on bulletin boards, FaceBook comments, etc from people that claim to be Christians and their words so full of hate, anger, foul language, wishing death on others and sometimes for no other reason than they disagreed with whatever they were posting about. It is heartbreaking because they make our Lord look bad in the eyes of the world, they foolishly believed they are saved ( I do not believe in my heart any true child of Yahweh would behave in that manner), and they think they are doing Yahweh’s work by their words. These kinds of people need our love and our prayers that Yeshua will open their eyes and their hearts before it is to late for them and they become truly saved. Keep spreading His Word so that all can see the truth and be saved. May you always have Yahweh’s Shalom!

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  2. Amen amen, many are still very deceived in this paradigm we live in. For all celebrities are false idols/demons who have influenced our culture in such horrible ways. I am so honored to know and have as strong of a relationship as I do with Yahweh and Yeshua. It is by the grace of God that you and I were called to be his servants. How we were able to escape the fake reality and find truth was by the slimmest of margins, especially being in these last days!!

    I was going to ask elendii for some of your help in shedding some light to some fellow African descent believers on YouTube, whom firmly believe that their race is the only chosen race/tribe and that all other races are not chosen, for this is a false deception that has been brought upon them. I have been doing my best to lift that vail of deception, but I can tell that it is deeply engrained in their minds. I will send you the link to the video, my name is Caleb Phillips, you’ll see the discussion if you just click the first comment of the highlighted reply! Any insight would be greatly appreciated not only by me but by God! Shalom Brother and thank you!


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