The Phase.

“Live in today, and not the yesterday. Give thanks to the ones who have helped you along the way. Thank God everyday, through him, one is even allowed to enter a better phase. Give it to God no matter what the case. For his love is always around providing comfort and grace. He will show […]

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The Message.

“Let them who hear, that God is forever real, and must be feared. He is the Alpha and Omega, and forever near. He will reveal truth, and bear you much fruit. In the end it will be those who deny God and say “We should have knew.” Always be aware and seek his many clues. […]

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The Servant

Do we have more power, or does God have more power? God. Who can fix someone more, us or God? God. Do we have more authority or does God have more authority? God. Do we have more love or does God have more love? God. Who can provide more? Us or God? God. Who can […]

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The Gift.

“All of us have a gift inside, this gift is difficult for some to find. Sometimes taking a whole life time. This gift can not be seen, nor heard, but yet is one of a kind. It is holy, loving, caring, and has only a presents of Devine. This gift is the spirit within always […]

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