Empathy is Everything (August 30, 2017)

What is the true essence of therapy? What is a key aspect in loving? What is understanding? The answer to these questions is an ability within self that requires learning and growing, this ability is empathy.

Empathy has always been a very intriguing aspect to myself, analyzing empathy when you break down the definition of empathy, and the traits that create empathy the feelings are wholesome.

Love is a trait that is vital in reaching empathy at its fullest potential. Without love one can not feel how another person is experiencing their emotions, thus limiting empathy’s potential, limiting highest potential for effective treatment.

In Psychology we are taught empathy is everything. One of a therapists’ key traits that are needed in treatment is empathy, if a client does not believe the therapist understands him or her, the client can feel as if the therapist does not believe in him or her, from feeling misunderstood. When one feels misunderstood the feelings associated around being misunderstood have a potential for feelings that are not wholesome, but feelings of being lost, scared, and empty. This is why empathy is so important in treatment, with this ability being an area of interest, grew my need in seeing how much one can grow their ability to fully understand, to truly feel what a person is experiencing in the present moment, how the person felt during the various events in their lives, and how they feel in everyday society.

Often times, I find myself subconsciously trying to send a message to the person I’m talking to, that I feel what they are experiencing, and how the situation felt, and not just with head nods and saying “I understand.” When any person learns empathy, one learns about their self. When one empathizes, he or she puts themselves in the persons many miles of their lives’ journey, thus creating oneself to reflect on own self-image. If a person can start to understand their self, that adds to their max potential of reaching happiness in life.

If a person is dealing with anxieties and have learned the ability to empathize, thus relating to others whom have similar anxieties, has a possibility to relieve negative feelings that surround anxiety for that person, aiding in treatment of anxiety for that individual.

Being understanding is a trait that is becoming lost in today’s society due to self-desires and needs. Fully understanding a person requires no external judgement of that person, creating the ability to relate, and putting oneself in the experience that is being vocalized, experiencing the same feelings.

With social media being so prevalent, with selfies and drama on Facebook, causes ones individuals ability to empathize to decrease due to the self-centered nature that surrounds social media. If more people became understanding in society the likelihood of mental health disorders related to anxieties and fears would decrease.

Now is this going to happen on a national or global scale anytime soon, it’s quite unlikely. However, if we start teaching our children of the next generation how to empathize, use kindness, and love in their everyday lives, the possibilities of a more loving and understanding society has a potential. Empathy is becoming more of a lost history than a prized treasure most of have within ourselves. This gift needs to be looked at more seriously, on a national scale in mental health, this trait should be taught in therapy, in schools, in new employee work-shops. If students were taught lessons based on age and grade level providing materials such as books that soley focus on theory of mind with various visual stimulus of situational events covering many aspects of life, growing this potential for empathy at the developmental stage, sets a possible future of fully understanding others, thus loving others. Imagine the possible change of behaviors for a more positive environment in elementary schools, carrying on to Jr. High to High School and into life as an Adult. Thus creating a more loving and livable society for all walks of life. Empathy is everything and should not be forgotten.


12 thoughts on “Empathy is Everything (August 30, 2017)

  1. Be encouraged! Here’s a thought I would like to share: Therapy is a special form of relationship. Many of my work experiences have taught me to understand a relationship with a therapist is personal and intimate, yet, is very different from that of brother, friend, lover, or parent. It can be a serious error, seeking to be all things to all people. Focus must be on making pre-set and ordered responses that generate discovery and structure. Restraint must be exercised by the therapist to avoid transference (taking on the identity, illness and personality of the client). Even so, the therapist must continue in a peculiar vulnerability.

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    1. I am completely aware of transference and counter-transference. However, If the feelings are wholesome, that’s what most individuals are seeking wanting therapy in the first place. I’m sure as well as you do, it’s all about adapting to the environment and adapting to that person in the given moment, to get an understanding of that individual, thus creating an appropriate coarse of treatment. It is a different relationship than of that or a normal relationship due to such boundaries we have to abide by, and continuously assessing. If I thought the client was starting to create feelings of that are not of the boundary,but out of the boundary, as a professional we are to refer the client. Some individuals are not yet ready for help and are apprehensive to treatment, if there is no empathy established or a healthy therapist to client trust, then there can be no effective treatment. Ethics are always something that professionals need to keep in their mind everyday. Blessings!


  2. Your writing would be more effective if you started breaking things up into paragraphs, containing sentences that have a strong relationship with each other and to a particular sub-topic that logically concerns the main topic.

    As it is now, most of your blog entries appear to be big, monolithic blobs of writing. You need to restructure things into digestible and coherent chunks that a reader can more easily understand. Avoid a “gushing stream-of-conciousness” style. Pick a topic. Stick to it. Be clear. Trim out redundancy and superfluity.

    Read some Hemmingway or maybe C.S. Lewis, as examples of good, solid writing.


    1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and perceptions. I appreciate your constructive criticism, but different is what changes the world. I won’t change a style based on a single readers perception. If there is not the competence in a person to understand, then that’s why there are other blogs to read. Plus combating on a post about empathy, is the opposite of understanding. Accept people for who they are and how they write. It’s not so much about content for me as is spreading love and God to others. May God bless you.


  3. I agree that empathy needs to be taught in our society. Since it’s not taught formally yet, I think that a good way to spread empathy is to show it for others, to model it. Others may be inspired to treat others that way, themselves.

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